Motivating Your Prospects

Appreciate one solitary straightforward fact:  prospects and clients buy for their personal reasons and not your reasons. They really don’t care about your firm, your mission statement or the elongated catalogue of product features you have so adeptly articulated to them. They really only concern themselves with what benefits your proposal will bring.

They crave that benefit, the impact, the enhancement, the reassurance and the protection it will bring. A good number of small business marketing efforts fails to deal with these essential client requirements straightforwardly. Instead, they centre on the importance of their product or service and neglect what is really important!


Three Simple Ways To Increase Your Sales Volume

1. Supersize It!

Okay… the real marketing term here us “upsell it”. You’ve been there… A fast food restaurant that is…you place your order and they always say… “Would you like to upsize that for another 60p?”

What bugs me is that a lot of people instinctively say, “Yes!” After all, for a few pence more one gets nearly twice the amount of fries and soft drink. We won’t discuss the fact that a person with normal size kidneys couldn’t possible drink the supersized drink before it goes flat… and that if one were to eat all of the supersized fries one would be a perfect advertisment for an acne face cream company… but… you seem to get a good deal!

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