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Mobile (PWA) Web Apps.

Mobile Web Apps – Promotional, informational, customer engagement, brand awareness, customer loyalty.



A Fully Branded Mobile App

Restaurants – Hair Salons – Takeaways – Retail Shops – Coffee Shops – Accountants – Lawyers – Dental Practices – Clubs – Pubs – Theatres – Local Businesses – Driving Schools – Taxi Firms – Hotels – Nail Studios – Beauty Salons – Tanning Studios – Fitness Clubs…


A Surefire Winner!

This little baby is a surefire winner. You get the same app experience without the huge expense. They run directly on a mobile device, accessed via the device's web browser and will be promoting your business 24/7. No downloading to your device. Just hit the link and in you go.

Just give your customers & prospective customers the web link and they will be browsing your new branded mobile web app straight away. They can set your app on their homescreens too, with the built in icon!

Changing The Way We Do Business

The Mobile App has changed the way we do business. This is a gamechanger. If you are not mobile accessible, then customers may leave and go to your competitors! Not a pleasant thought.

Keep your customers egaged and connected to your business. Help to develop loyalty, brand awareness and profits! A Mobile App can help you increase customer numbers and promote your business to a far wider audience.

Mobile web apps

  • From as little as 10% of the cost of a native custom app!
  • Fully branded to your business
  • Feature your business in many ways
  • Offer incentives
  • Bring customers back time and time again
  • It's a marketing powerhouse!

It’s really a no brainer!

What would you like to do to get noticed? Have a chat with us and let’s see how best you can help your customers for a fraction of the cost, with a fully branded Mobile App.

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Get a fully branded Mobile (PWA) App for your business

A branded custom mobile web app, with your business all over it.

The best option with some fabulous features!

Your App is built for you with unlimited menu pages and space for all your details...

You can have plenty of fabulous content, ie...

  • All your business information
  • Contact details
  • Optional Push Messaging (Android)
  • Booking / Appointment requests
  • Promotions
  • Incentive Vouchers
  • Quizzes
  • Questionnaires
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • “Back office” control with your own admin log-in
  • And the list goes on…

Drop us a quick email or call us for a chat and let’s see how best we can help you help your customers.

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Mobile Web App development east midlands UK

Try out the demo version here.

Just scan this code or tap it on your screen and you will be taken to our demo mobile web app. (This opens up another tab so you don't lose this site)

Why do I need a Mobile App for my business?

This PWA Mobile Web App is designed to work on all mobile browsers. 80% of mobile users spend many hours of their time browsing and checking through apps, so let's give them a good experience .

Not only will you give your customers and clients a useful way of keeping in touch, they will have instant access to helpful and even entertaining content. You will engage with your customers and develop a strong loyalty and customer retention.

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Read this excellent article from the Technology in Government Blog (GOV.UK) - And this was written in 2018!

Mobile Web App development east midlands UK

The finest customer experience.

There is a constant increase in demands for mobile apps!

The demand increases all the time. More and more consumers do business, go shopping and browse via their devices and not from a PC. Over 80% of device owners spend an inordinate amount of time on their devices and the business they generate could be yours!

Consider this app as an entry level experience. Low cost to set up, lower cost to run. Very affordable and always just on a monthly roll over agreement.

If you are continually avoiding having an app… try having a chat with me first and let’s put your mind at rest.

You might even be glad you did!


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