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Corporate Bull***t – From a number of market subsectors of that industry group…

“Corporate Bullshit” (There… I said it) is everywhere these days. In the boardroom, the office, the canteen… you name it. It is used by the people who don’t know what they are doing, trying to sound like they do know what they are doing and also making out that others couldn’t do what they do by trying to sound dreadfully clever in the process! Got it?

What is happening to the business world when people have to resort to such ridiculous corporate speak? Communication is all important. Making life stupidly difficult by bleating out ridiculous rubbish does not help at all.

It is possible to hear such madness like this:

  • Interactively facilitate enterprise-wide testing procedures
  • Energistically leverage other’s visionary core competencies
  • Dramatically expedite cloud-centric growth strategies

Perhaps these examples are a bit over the top, but boy doesn’t it sound good! (Taken from The Corporate B.S. Generator – which is searchable on the internet)

So, I wrote my own Corporate Bull paper to amuse you. This is the “instant speech writer”. Easy to work out and so easy to blurt out at your next meeting! (That will be the meeting you keep having to find out why no work gets done at the offices!)

Download your FREE Pdf version here and enjoy using it!

Also, here’s an interesting article from the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/23/from-inboxing-to-thought-showers-how-business-bullshit-took-over

Rant over!

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