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How to give up marketing yourself

From our guest blogger Jason Leicester from Arizona: The Incomparable Expert 


One way you can give up “marketing yourself” is to give up doing business completely and go “all-in” on serving. 

If SERVING was actually the priority, we wouldn’t need to be reminded of “marketing” principles like WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?). 

We wouldn’t need to be told to think about the buyer. To walk a mile in their shoes. To really understand how they see the world.

These things would all be so obvious that saying them out loud would get laughs.

Can you go “all-in” on serving and spend your days thinking about how to make a million dollars?

Those two thoughts aren’t compatible. One (the money, or energy in other forms) is a natural byproduct of the other (serving).

“How do I market myself?” is not an energy that supports life. It does not carry a vibe of expansion. This is why people are generally repulsed by it. They don’t want to be “marketed to.” Do you? What’s the problem with this? It’s based on FEAR and people can feel it.

“How do I serve others?” is completely different. There are no limits. You can feel the buzz. You notice an absence of fear or scarcity in there. You can actually feel the LOVE.

Love or fear. Almost everything we do comes down to making the simple decision about which vibration you choose to embody.


Jason Leister

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