Let’s not talk about ourselves

From our guest blogger, Jason Leister – Incomparable Expert

I made the mistake of logging into Linkedin over the weekend and realized I had a billion messages in there from people all saying the very same thing:

“Hey, we just met so let me tell you about myself! Does it make sense to jump on a call so I can tell you more about me?” 

I don’t respond to any of those, because I’d hate to encourage behavior like that and have them do that to someone else. But if I did respond, the honest response would be this:

No it does not make sense to jump on a call or give you any of my time or attention at all. It will most likely never make sense. I don’t know you. I’m not “connected” to you, and you have forever made it clear who your true priority actually is. Being that your priority is YOU, it’s obvious that one of us does not belong here. I will now exit and allow you to resume talking about yourself with yourself. Good day. 

Incomparable Experts would never do this. Even people who don’t rise to the “Incomparable” level but have the common sense NOT to carry themselves in that fake, “Me, Me, Me” way would never do this.

Now this is a silly and extreme (but apparently extremely common) example, but there are many degrees of this same dynamic that you never want to go near.

If you have to push yourself on someone, you’re doing it wrong. Trust and need never go together. They are like oil and water.

You don’t “reach out” to shove yourself down someone’s throat, you build something worthy of bringing people to YOU. And “clickin’ a button” on your ‘puter doesn’t qualify.Do something that’s worthy of attention.
Do something that’s worthy of people’s time.
Do something that adds (real) value to someone else’s life FIRST.

Then stick around and watch the magic happen.


Jason Leister
Incomparable Expert 

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