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Exciting Mobile Marketing Products; Mobile Web Sites & Landing Pages.

Almost 60% of web traffic, worldwide, is generated from mobile devices. 69% of users are more likely to make their purchases from companies with good mobile web sites.

Google is starting their "mobile-first indexing" for new domains as of July 1st 2019. These are web sites which Google defines as “previously unknown to Google Search.” After successful trials a few years ago, it is now making it the default for new domains. This should be a good test for evaluating how well it can be delivered in the future.

  • The speed of a web site and performance on a mobile device is just as important nowadays as its content, for best rankings on the searches.
  • Google has a preference for mobile web sites
  • A site built primarily for mobile does better than a responsive or mobile friendly web site
  • Your web site could be instantly optimised for mobile and also desktop formats

If you want to generate new customers and keep existing ones, you must embrace mobile technology. It’s not a fad, it is now for real!

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Six Billion Smartphones by 2020!

The number of mobile phone users in this world are expected to exceed six billion by 2020. Half the population of China (around 670 million) will be using a smartphone by 2020. The US market will be topping around 240 million.

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The world rapidly continues to grow mobile.

So, isn’t it only logical to provide your customers and visitors a great mobile experience?

  • For a small layout you could have a mobile web site to give your customers something to be happy about!
  • We’ll have you up and running in just a few days… at a price you CAN afford!
  • What you can’t afford to lose are CUSTOMERS!
  • Ask us about our Mobile Web Sites – You will be kicking yourself if you don't!
Starting from just £99.95* for a single page static site plus hosting**.

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* A one page starter web site, designed primarily as a mobile site, with header, introduction, 3 feature areas, contact form & footer: £99.95. More pages and features available on request. Prices on application.

** Hosting on a monthly basis. Min 12 months: £10.00 p/m

Domain: Your domain name will be our default domain name, otherwise we will be happy to supply you with your own personal / business domain name: Starting at £25.00 per year.

If you wish us to add an SSL Certificate (Security Certificate) we will be happy to set one up for you from £49.95 per year.


Smartphones outstrip the humble PC!

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Mobile Landing Pages.

A fabulous advertising tool!

It’s a simple one page website for a mobile device... with your product or promotion.

Targeted and fine tuned with a “Call To Action” to get that valuable enquiry or sale. Direct your customers straight to your product or service! Professionally designed with your logo & branding, you can promote a raft of products, services & special offers for any time period you require.

From just £49.95 per landing page, plus hosting at £10.00 p/m

To make things easy for your customers to reach your landing page, we will supply a QR Code to put on your advertising materials.

Fully optimise your chances of success!

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