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Micro Mobile Apps.

Uncomplicated & browser based – No downloading, no messing. Works on any device. Made for small businesses.

Easy mobile accessibility

The Micro Mobile App is vital for today's customer experience. If you are not mobile accessible, then customers will jump ship and visit your Competition! Give people quick & easy access to your business with a Micro Mobile App. It will make all the difference!

Scared off by massive quotes and complicated proposals? If you only need the simple things in life, then take a look at this for your business. Very affordable indeed.

Engage & Promote

A Micro Mobile App helps you engage with your customers, increase customer numbers and promote your business to a wider audience. Look at how many examples of users there are... this is only the start!

Restaurants – Hair Salons – Coffee Shops – Accountants – Lawyers – Clubs – Pubs – Theatres – Local Businesses – Driving Schools – Taxi Firms – Hotels – Nail Studios – Beauty Salons – Tanning Studios – Fitness Clubs…


A Mobile App for small business

So how does a micro mobile app work?

The simplest and lowest cost option:

  • Built within a preset style and layout
  • Branded to your business
  • Up to 6 pages of your choice (from a wide range of options)
  • Simple & effective

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Micro Mobile Apps. Loads of features available:

  • One touch calling
  • Map
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Contact form
  • Appointment requests
  • Coupons, offers and promotional features
  • Products & Services
  • And much more

This is just a small selection of what you may have to help move your business in a forward direction.

Your customers open it straight on their device browser and set a homescreen shortcut. Your details will be constantly to hand.


People know that having an app is an important feature to their business and can only do a great deal to enhance the way they work... but some are unable to justify the spend for a full blown native app. I help small businesses by creating a stripped down, low cost, affordable, branded, browser based, mobile device app... with a simple range of useful features. Namely a "Micro Mobile App".

No app stores or downloading:

Simple HTML pages with a link to a domain name, so that people may reach you and use your Micro Mobile App. It is not as powerful as our top range app solution but certaily packs a "Micro Punch" and help you reach a wider audience. Fully branded with links to social media, your web site, contact details and promotions, makes this a worthwhile "Micro Investment"!

Very affordable:

From as little as £99.95 plus a nominal monthly hosting subscription of £10.00!

You may have your app updated at any time. (Charges apply) Just send me the details and the updates will be made.

Based in rural Lincolnshire, I produce multi-browser micro app solutions for businesses. What would you like to do to get noticed? Have a chat with me and let’s see how best you can help your customers, with a branded Micro Mobile App.

Drop me an email or call for a chat and let’s see how best to make this work for you.

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Want your app on Google Play?

For an additional cost, I will upload your app to Google and it will be searchable and downloadable from Google Play as an Android App!

One time extra cost of £100 which includes Icon, Splash Screen & screenshots

iOS version also available. Happy to discuss possibilities with you.


Example Micro Mobile App

This is just a mockup of a suggested design layout. The app will be designed and branded to fit your business.

To try this on your device, using a QR scanner, scan the code below and the example will appear. (Data connection required)

Mobile App development east midlands UK

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