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Affordable Mobile Apps? How?

How did Charlie get an affordable mobile app for his business?

Charlie runs a business… let’s say Charlie runs a Pub. He is the owner and the Landlord. Charlie is innovative and is always looking to find new ways to promote his business to new and regular customers.

Charlie is careful with his money and is always finding the most cost effective ways of marketing, rather than lavishly spend on big ads and free pens etc!

The Finest Advertising Tool

So… Charlie thought about it for a while and realised that pretty much all his Customers and potential Customers are all Smartphone owners, in one way or another. He also realised that the Smartphone or “mobile device” is probably one of the finest advertising tools there are. Everyone stares at them endlessly, answering texts, responding to every ping and sound effect, they like to play with games, emails, internet and so on.

Low Cost Solution

Charlie began looking around to see what was out there and came to the conclusion that a mobile app would be the best answer to this, as once an app has been placed on the device, it is there for a long time. If it’s useful and engaging to the smartphone owner and they look at it regularly… all the better.

Charlie found that a lot of Apps cost huge amounts of of money and he really could not afford it at all, some were commanding thousands of pounds!

One evening, in the pub, a customer got chatting and said that he had been in touch with a local Web Design company and discovered that they had a really affordable solution to help businesses. Charlie was now intrigued. The customer went on to say that he had one made for his Gent’s Hairdresser shop in town and it was encouraging customers to return time and time again.

The Solution!

Rather than have an app built from scratch, this web design firm can create a fully branded app for smartphones and devices using pre-defined software and populate it with all your business info and details! They make them for Android and Apple. Each app is very affordable, just £390.00. Available on Google Play and Apple Store for as long as you need, just by paying a nominal monthly fee.

You also get a “back office” control panel to run the app: Push messaging, vouchers, loyalty programmes, booking facilities, sharing incentives and much more besides.

Charlie was now very keen to find out. So the next day he contacted the firm and had them go through all the details with him. He decided that having this created for his business would be ideal and within a a month he was able to boast to his customers about it, getting them to download it and even share with their friends. His customer base grew and grew.

Charlie is happy. Charlie is making good money.

Be Like Charlie

Be like Charlie. Get an affordable mobile app today.



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Two Little Words That Work Like Magic For Your Business

In his classic best-seller, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie’s second chapter is entitled The Big Secret of Dealing With People. The secret is summed up in this principle: Give honest and sincere appreciation.

Carnegie said there is only one way to get anybody to do anything — by making the person want to do it. How can you encourage customers to say good things about you and give you referrals? By giving them what they and all human beings crave: honest and sincere appreciation.

The Two Magic Words

The big secret of dealing with people (or customers) is often overlooked or forgotten.

Who Needs A Business Coach?

The simple answer to the seemingly complex question of “Who needs a business coach?” is … everyone is responsible for operating a business. That’s right. The Fortune 50 CEO to the one-man-band needs a business coach.

Doing Something About It

Not getting any help at all is very often the cause of the business failure statistics we hear so much about. The small business owner will often claim that they don’t have the time or money for outside help. Think about that comment. How can you not have the money to get help from someone who can potentially save or make you more money, since you are not getting it done on your own? Or how about that time you are lacking? Maybe if that owner sat down for an hour with a business coach, they would be able to see why they don’t have time and do something about it.

A coach or advisor gives to small business owners something most of them don’t have; a sounding board and a board of directors to turn to for advice. These are two great resources to use when trying to avoid “trial and error” decisions and processes.

What many business owners do not realize is that they rarely go through any trials and tribulations that someone else has never dealt with. Not to mention that about 70-75% of their business is the same as every other business including HR, finances, sales, marketing and funding. The other 25-30% is industry specific.

Small to mid sized business owners take away much more from an advisor than big businesses. This, if for no other reason, is the case because the smaller companies have owners that wear a lot of hats. Many of those hats take time away from the things the owner actually needs to make a priority to see their company succeed. Things they should be doing that they don’t have time to get to, or things they are taking care of, that they have no experience in doing. These situations take away from them doing what they do best.

How Do You Find A Coach?

The question now is how to find a coach. Here are a few things to think about:

– Have they owned a small business before? Grey hair does not equal business ownership knowledge.

– Don’t worry if a potential coach doesn’t know your specific industry. Remember that a lot of your troubles have nothing to do with your industry. It would help though if the coach had contacts/resources for you in your industry for when specific problems are addressed.

Once you made the very intelligent decision of getting help in making your business a success, keep a few things in mind. You should really commit to working with your coach for a good 6 months. Nothing gets fixed overnight. Also, please do yourself a favour and be open to suggestions, bring important things to your advisor for help in making a decision and make the use of your time with the advisor a priority.

See The wood From The Trees

Working with an advisor can be a very enlightening experience. You will start to see the wood from the trees and not feel like you are the only person on the planet going through tough times as a business owner.

All business owners eventually need help. The successful ones put aside their pride and desire to be at the center of all aspects of the company and get the help.

My Business Coach comes highly recommended and has proved invaluable on so many occasions. Find him here and have a word with him, to see how best he may be able to help you. His name is Gérard Jakimavičius… and he is a top man!


Motivating Your Prospects

Appreciate one solitary straightforward fact:  prospects and clients buy for their personal reasons and not your reasons. They really don’t care about your firm, your mission statement or the elongated catalogue of product features you have so adeptly articulated to them. They really only concern themselves with what benefits your proposal will bring.

They crave that benefit, the impact, the enhancement, the reassurance and the protection it will bring. A good number of small business marketing efforts fails to deal with these essential client requirements straightforwardly. Instead, they centre on the importance of their product or service and neglect what is really important!

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