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Five vital leadership skills for effective collaboration

Leadership skills & effective collaboration is all achieved when a team works together towards the greater purpose of achieving the organization’s goal, by keeping its internal differences apart. As a leader, it is your role to ensure that people get the better of their emotions and collaborate professionally to achieve their task on time. Here are some skills that will help you to get your team members to perform in perfect harmony with each other.

1. Building your team

When you form a team, you have to ensure that you don’t drive into work right away. You need to conduct a few informal sessions so that each of your employees gets to know each other well. When you know your employees a slightly personal level, it becomes easy for you to connect with them and get the work done. Investing your time and effort in team building sessions is very important to get all of them to be on the same page when working towards a target.

2. Excellent communication skills

You should possess excellent communication skills if you want to hold your team together. You should keep on motivating your team and give them the encouragement to combat challenges so that they can do the work on time. You should be approachable and hold regular one-to-one meetings with your team members to understand if they are comfortable with their work and if they would need more guidance or support for the same.

3. Emotional quotient

This is an important buzzword in organizations today. You should be in control of your emotions and also take care of others’ emotions when you are handling a team. You should be fully aware of the consequences of your actions and you should always ensure that you don’t get show emotions such as frustration, anger or irritation in front of your team members. Empathy is an important part of EQ. A good leader is one who can empathize with his employee and put himself in the shoes of his employee to understand the gravity of the situation. When you have excellent emotional stability, your team will succeed, eventually.

4. Strong decision-making skills

To lead your team and get everyone work together for the greater good, you have to be able to take quick and practical decisions. You should always be open to ideas from your team while making decisions because they are the ones who actually do the work. When you make decisions, always ensure that you don’t go for the quick-fixes, because you are not correcting the problem at all, when you do that. When you want you and your team to grow holistically, you have to get into the root cause of the problems and make decisions that give you permanent results.

5. Leadership & Flexibility

To encourage motivation and collaboration within the team, a good leader should be very flexible. He should know to deal with his team members the right way in a style that is suitable for them. For example, experienced members may be ok when you give them the responsibility and authority while assigning tasks, but a fresher may need constant guidance and support. To prevent job insecurity and disharmony among his team members, it is important for a leader to practice different styles of leadership on different days.



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