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The value of a good web presence for small businesses

Undoubtedly, the use of the internet can make the difference between a successful small business and one ignored by customers.

A comprehensive yet modest website is the way forward. Due to the global nature of the Internet surpassing physical frontiers between nations, it can make it unnecessary to use printed business cards now, when they can easily be hosted online.

Web Presence

Web presence can make small businesses more competitive from any angle, allowing you to understand new trends, as well as discover opportunities and problems without wasting time. A small business with a good Internet presence improves one’s opportunity to connect with a number of suppliers and customers that may otherwise not be possible in your local area.

Furthermore, traditional printed business cards including a website address, not only opens a new range of possibilities to succeed, but also is a way to increase your communications, showing an appealing professional appearance, no matter how big or small your business or company is actually. Magnetic business cards for instance, often create a long-lasting marketing image.

Search Engines

In fact, you will be surprised to see how many prospective clients seek what they want through search engines. If you have a website and it is written well with all the right search engine optimisation factors taken into account, the search engines will be more inclined to give you a strong placement. People might check for URLs in business cards instead of browsing the online directories but a good web presence is like having having a shop or stall in every corner of the world, where every individual or small business can have the same presence as big enterprises.

Of course, budget, skills, knowledge and other Internet resources determine the performance of every small business online. However, it will always be beneficial to develop your business web presence if you want to get customers from every location around the world or, as a practical alternative, you can create online business cards for you, your partners and employees.

Developing your web presence

On the Internet, you will find a number of websites offering ranges of services including development of your web presence and creating your online business cards, ranging from low-mid prices to those unaffordable, for people who are just starting a new business venture. However, you do not need a big budget to start.

I always advocate that for smaller businesses, start with a small website with only just what you need. To go mad with all bells & whistles is a total waste of money. I would rather keep you as a client and help you grow your web site to new levels as and when you need. There are many web designers / developers who will think nothing of allowing their customers to go bananas with all sorts of features on their websites… but that may only cause tears later on.

Free Services

There are a number of free Web hosting services that offer facilities to develop your own website. If you have no idea how to create a website, they often have online tools or web site builders, allowing you to create a page with just a small amount of information regarding your small business, products and services. These are ok but sometimes a bit limiting as when you need more, you might start having to pay out.

If you do not feel comfortable with those tools, there are other options for you. This is commonly known as finding a web developer / designer and obtain a competetive quote for them to see to all that for you and look after you along the way. I offer a low cost start-up website package which is quite affordable for pretty much anyone.

My name is Graham and you can get hold of me on this web site should you want to enquire further.

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