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In these very strange and difficult COVID times, agile people are all learning to adapt to new ways of making their business stay relevant, manageable and most importantly viable. Somehow each of us must adapt to make things work.

During all this Covid downtime I have been busy and have developed a new, yet simple and effective Mobile App to help businesses gain a stronger foothold and get the edge over the local competition.

The app has been developed as a PWA (Progressive Web App) using a solid framework and additional software features to enable pretty much any business have their own affordable mobile app. It is browser based so no downloading or app stores.

Big Benefits For SMEs

I have aimed it primarily at SMEs and have kept costs as low as I can. Any consumer facing business can benefit greatly from having one developed, branded and designed around thier business model. While we wait for businesses to be allowed to reopen, now is the time to get something in place, not wait around.

Restaurants – Takeaways – Hair Salons – Beauty Salons – Barbers and many more will benefit from this marketing beauty.

I can adapt the app to fit the business, create onboard facilities IE: Online bookings, appointments, online sales, restaurant ordering, restaurant menus, price lists, business details coupons and offers, location map, contact details etc.

With business uncertainty and the marketplace in disarray, businesses will need to have something solid in place for when we all get back in the frame.

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Why not take a look at the demo version of the app. Just click or tap on this link to add the app to your device

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