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Why Have A Mobile App For Your Business?

I would like to discuss the use of mobile apps in promoting business and why you should really consider having a mobile app designed and built as part of your own mobile marketing strategy.

You are probably thinking right now… what is Graham on about? Is it just another sales pitch? Well… to be honest… yes, in a way it is but I only say this because I am in a good position to help you in your marketing quests.

If you are under the impression that mobile apps are for big business users only, you could find yourself very much mistaken in this thinking! Increasingly small to medium sized businesses are taking advantage of what a mobile marketing strategy has to offer. An effective strategy one is more than just having a “responsive” web site.

You will be seeing even small high street businesses employing the use of their own dedicated mobile apps; local hairdressers, beauty salons, dental practices, restaurants etc. These ones are now getting themselves way ahead of the game and could well be attracting customers away from those who have not embraced this marketing strategy as yet.

Some years ago I began learning about “mobile ready” web sites which could be read and navigated far more easily on a mobile device. Greater numbers of web visitors were gaining access to the web via mobile devices and needed a better mobile experience. Hardly anyone at the time had a web site which could change its’ formatting to suit a mobile and so we were all pinching and zooming and having to travel left and right up and down to read people’s web sites! The more mobile users… the greater the call for something better. So I took the hint and began producing “mobile” websites which could be used as an add-on to an existing site… flipping over to the mobile browser version automatically.

People told me I was bonkers to assume that their web sites were not working properly on a mobile phone or tablet and that they could be losing customers. SCAM! some people cried… “It’s just a way of getting money out of you!” Well they were soon  crying tears when Google decided to look for mobile versions of sites and give them preference! So firms decided to have their sites upgraded and embraced mobile technology at last.

Things have now moved on, so fast and the mobile really does rule now.

So whatever next?… Yes folks… I would like to introduce you to the mobile business app!

Here are the top benefits to having a mobile app NOW… please don’t wait until it’s too late, like the poo-pooing non mobile friendly site owners who got left behind!


Make yourself completely visible to customers 24/7 – The average mobile device user spend possibly up to 2 hours a day using their device… hard to believe but it’s true! If your app is proudly displayed on their device, then you will get seen. Even if the user is looking for their Instagram Icon, you will be seen, regularly and visited more times than your web site, especially if you can offer good reasons to.


Having a branded mobile app creates more awareness of you and your business with customers. You can do pretty much whatever you like with your mobile app. You can have it branded to your business. You may offer your customers features which they like to use and which create a pleasurable mobile experience… all the time seeing your brand in front of them and picking up special offers and incentives.


If you can get your customers more and more involved with your app, they are more likely to do business sooner, rather than later. Therefore they begin to recognise your brand as being the right supplier, best problem solver, greatest product or service. This goes a long way to doing regular business, keep happy customers and they recommend you to their friends too.


How about digital loyalty schemes? I could go into great detail here about how mobile users show preference to the electronic version of the  rubber stamp and little cards. Simply encourage your customers to scan a QR code through the app and they collect reward points on their app, which they redeem for their “reward”. So… you get more downloads and more customers coming back for more of what you offer! (People hang on to their mobile phones with their life… they can easily accidentally wash the little card in their jeans pocket! Mind you, having said that… no I’ll leave that one!)


Your customers need an easy way of getting hold of you. A mobile app is perfect. One touch calling, easy emailing etc. For example, instead of calling a restaurant to make a booking, you make it incredibly easy through the app with just a few steps. Pick a date and time and make the request. How many customers would prefer this rather than dialing up the restaurant these days?


For small businesses to have an app, was very unusual because of the extortionate costs normally associated with this. Technology now allows very effective, lower cost products to be provided, so that businesses may take advantage of this and profit from it. By having an affordable app made for your business puts you way ahead of the competition. You will make a big difference to your business!


The most important benefit of having your mobile app out there is that it will provide all your information, promotions, offers, loyalty schemes… in a convenient way. This is highlighted by the use of free “push messaging” which gets your message right out under your customer’s noses whenever you wish. Just type in a short message and hit send. All your app users get your message and can choose to act upon it… bringing you more business.

Another fantastic feature to have on your app is “app sharing”. If your customers like what you do for them, don’t you think they will want to tell their friends about it? You bet!


The most important reason for having an app for your business… is customer loyalty. The more reason you can give your customers to do business with you, the better it will be. (Pretty obvious really) So don’t you think it really is time to start using that direct customer approach and make them raving fans of you business!

Getting the picture? Don’t leave it too long…

Contact me at graham@webdesign-imagineers for more details.

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