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Successful Tips In Using Social Media Sites As Business Networking Sites

by David Mark


Much of the predictions made by Business to Business Networking for next year are related to the integration of social networks with the corporate world. Experts say that companies are able to incorporate all the ideas outlined below will have more success in the years that follow:

1 – Mobility With 4,600 million handsets worldwide, this prediction is not very difficult to do, according to the site. With the growth of smart phones, the mobile experience will be increasingly important and, to the extent that people continue to use social networks from them, companies will need mobile versions of their Web sites for easy access and management. Thus, the web pages of companies must adapt to multiple devices and provides mobile content relevant.

2 – The importance of open API Information is increasingly portable and importance of open API will be growing for B2B companies. Just as the initial success of Twitter is based on open your data stream for developers to use their own, internal applications offer the ability to draw information together to a clearer picture of the organization.

3 – Collect, analyze and visualize data Since the API is available, companies will begin to have a larger work in collecting and analyzing data on their social platforms. Thereafter, it will not help produce a large amount of data sheets or large presentations. As of now, the search data can be presented in different visual forms, including more than tables or charts – may be in clouds of words, visualizations and info graphics. These are more complex information easier to manage, understand and be absorbed by all levels of the company.

4 – Share compelling stories Insofar as more companies adopt social media as a means of being connected to their customers, will begin to develop compelling stories to share its message. This will mark a change in professional communication in relation to the traditional distribution of marketing messages or press releases. Each message in a shared social networking platform is another big part of that history.

5 – Continued growth of social search tools The importance of search engines, especially Google and Bing, grow to responsible decision making in business networking service. and, although it is difficult to imagine the expansion in this area in 2011, the searchers and social networks will be side by side.

6 – Enlarge forums social networks Despite three major platforms (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), to continue to reign in most B2B companies for business networking. The niche sites and forums will be more important this year. Companies are learning to communicate with users in a more authentic and transparent, which will eventually bear fruit.

7 – The year of transformation If 2010 was the year that has generated an interest in the area of “social media”, whose solutions have been adopted by multiple firms involved in business networking, 2011 will be the year that companies have to redefine the approach to social media, using them to direct their purchases and as a method to measure their success in the market. Not in vain, systems management (CRM) have an important social role in this movement.

8 – The customer service is more than social marketing The heads of the areas of customer service are now more important than ever in this new era of social networks, and they know it. Every answer he gives to a client can be spread rapidly in such media. Companies should be prepared to respond to possible complaints of customers through social networks. In this sense, the CRM also has an important social role.

9 – Agreements and daily changes in pricing models While in 2010 we saw that started to have daily agreements and benefits arising from group sales within B2B. In 2011 there will be much more profound changes in that regard. These trends, as a result of this new era of transparency, will transform the models of pricing in the market, causing them to be more open.

10 – Business Networking Sites will be more accepted in large companies Large companies represent the biggest dichotomy in this field. Many technology companies are setting the path to social networking initiatives incorporated into many aspects of business. But at the same time, other companies of similar size continued to block access by their employees for reasons of productivity and safety. According to B2B Social Media, the continued success of other companies will help many other open access and begin exploring the options of social business networking sites.

11 – Premature abandonment of the “social media” Finally, not everything can be positive, there will be companies B2B who prematurely abandon their efforts in the field of social networks because they can not realize any value they have for them. Success may require time, but if you do not have adequate resources to work on new social media and continue to see it more as a marketing channel, there is no time that is sufficient.

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