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There were well over 198 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2017 and in excess of 4.7 billion mobile users worldwide. This is growing year on year. The fastest growing industry in the world today is the mobile app business!

Users are spending over 85% of their browsing time with mobile apps… instead of using websites. Why? Is it because an app is easier and quicker to use, enabling people to quickly make a decision leading to that sought after purchase, booking, order etc?

You bet it is!

If these are facts, then, as a business, should you really be looking very seriously at having a mobile app developed for you?

You bet you should!

Don’t underestimate the marketing and selling power of mobile apps. The mobile device is a marketing powerhouse. People are permanently attached to them, answering every ping, ding and ring and checking out the best deals, places to eat, getting a haircut, a coffee, tickets, discounts, coupons…. you name it.

All this is going on right under their noses!

At this point in time… the business who gets themselves geared up with a mobile app… wins! At this moment you will probably be in the minority and therefore will beat the competition and grab the business. If you leave it too long, someone else will beat you to it.

So if you were on your customer’s device screens, your app I mean, if your messages were occasionally seen by them, your special offers, your reminders… you would stand a far better chance of getting their business. Yes?

Indeed yes!

What if you could offer online bookings from your app? Directions to your business? Contact information? Push messaging? Beacon messages, coupons, vouchers, loyalty programmes, image galleries? What if?

Do you have one of these yet? If not… what are you waiting for?

Oh… the cost. I thought as much! You have had a couple of quotes for several thousand pounds and it’s put you right off. How can you justify spending all that? You are probably right.

So why not begin looking at some affordable options with all those aforementioned features built in and ready to go? You could be up and running in no time at all and beating your competition hands down!

Just imagine being in full control and being able to generate more customers, more business and more profits, all from one mobile app?

Let me help you… check this web page out and see for yourself. It’s free to look. Your decision.

Drop me a line or call me and I will be happy to help.

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