How to demand more from others and get it.

From our guest blogger Jason Leiester

October 22, 2018
Mountains of Arizona
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It’s challenging when people let you down.

Folks who could achieve, don’t.

Clients who say one thing then do another.

People who promise X but deliver Y.

Even friends and loved ones just don’t always live up to the standard.

Sometimes, you just have to draw a line in the sand and demand better.

So how do you demand more from others and get it?

Well, let’s start with a foundational question:

Are you the recipient of your experiences or the creator of them?

Your answer to that question affects anything and everything in your reality because your answer to that question is what places your power to create into a specific location.

You can hold the power within. You can place it without.

Either one works. But the two locations will create radically different realities.

You want to demand more from the world? You want to demand more from others?

Start with you.

Demand more from you.

Demand a better version.

Demand the best you have.

You will create what you become.

You will become what you create.

You will create the change you seek. That’s how it works. That’s how it’s always worked.

Don’t let the programmed minions call you “Woo-Woo.”

They’ve been trained to use that phrase whenever they get in the vicinity of discovering real power.


Jason Leister
Incomparable Expert

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