Personal Power in Print

Personal Power in Print

Mountains of Arizona Sunny 88 Degrees 3:46 p.m. Yesterday I presented the How to Write Like an Incomparable Expert webinar. It was about my take on copywriting in the land of the Incomparable Expert. There were no tricks, no gimmicks, no manipulation. I didn’t even mention any copywriting books. I think a better way to…Read…

Taking Off Your Writer's Hat

Taking Off Your Writer’s Hat

Mountains of Arizona Cloudyish 82 Degrees 1:22 p.m. Next week I’ll be talking about writing like an Incomparable Expert. We’ll get to the “like an Incomparable Expert” part during the event. Today, let’s just talking about the “writing” part. When your goal is communication and promoting real change in people’s lives, then the easiest way…Read…

Breaking the Copywriting Trick Addiction

Breaking the Copywriting Trick Addiction

Mountains of Arizona Clear 76 Degrees 9:51 a.m. Tomorrow is the How to Write Like an Incomparable Expert webinar. It won’t be filled with copywriting tricks. I don’t believe in them. There’s no perfect length for a headline. There’s no NLP technique worth the price you pay for actively manipulating someone. There’s no ideal “takeaway”…Read…

business plans

Write A Winning Business Plan – The Neatest Trick In The Book

“Writing a business plan” sounds really tough, and it can be. But there are a number of things the smart entrepreneur can do to make it easier.

For instance, justwhatkindofstuffyouthinkgetsreadlikethis? Imagine pages full of that, with virtually no margins, no paragraph breaks, no breathing room. Lenders, investors and angel investors are

mobile apps

Why Have A Mobile App?


I would like to discuss the use of mobile apps in promoting business and why you should really consider having a mobile app designed and built as part of your own mobile marketing strategy. You are probably thinking right now… what is Graham on about? Is it just another sales pitch? Well… to be honest… yes, in a way it is but I only say this because I am in a good position to help you in your marketing quests.

If you are under the impression that mobile apps are for big business users only, you could find yourself very much mistaken in this thinking! Increasingly small to medium sized businesses are taking advantage of what a mobile marketing strategy has to offer. An effective strategy one is more than just having a “responsive” web site.

You will be seeing even small high street businesses

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