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Inverting The Lies Of Business

What we’re really doing here is inverting the lies of business that we’ve all seen demonstrated for us through the generations.

The force motivating everyone’s desire to capture and control energy, in the form of the energetic container we call money, depends on everyone believing a big lie.

That lie is scarcity.

Technically, I guess scarcity isn’t a lie. It’s actually a belief that gets projected into reality. It’s not real without us believing it’s real. If we believe it’s real, we MAKE it real.

Look around the world, we have made it real. A huge portion of the world is lucky to make $1 a day. Because there aren’t enough resources? No way.

Scarcity isn’t something we’re forced to deal with, scarcity is something we are taught to create.

A whole world taught to create an outward projection of an internal fear and belief in scarcity leads to business focused on getting. You gotta get YOURS before someone else gets it.

But if you know how reality actually works, this is a direct path to misery. I’m sure you can think of someone “successful” you know who is living that misery.

Almost everything in our world is BACKWARDS by design, and that means that the way to make business actually work is to make it about GIVING.

And that changes everything.

Selling goes from an act you engage in to get something to an act focused on a giving of transformation, or solutions, or insight, empowerment, motivation, clarity, a new way of living life.

Copywriting goes from a skill you learn to get things to a skill you learn to GIFT impact, insight and empowering ideas.

Subscribers, leads, followers transform from something you are obsessed with “getting” to a natural byproduct of YOU giving the world what it is truly seeking.

Resources can still get exchanged, but the underlying motivation is what has changed. The energy that exists in you and your team when you go from “business is getting” to “business is giving” completely changes everything. It actually changes the RESULT.

The super brainwashed among us will look at this approach and say it’s dumb. That it won’t pay the bills. That it won’t achieve the goals. It won’t prepare them for their eight-figure exit strategy. It won’t get them to the “next level.” It won’t let them do everything on their “bucket list” before they die. They’ll say that people have to be TOLD to buy, HOW to buy, WHEN to buy.

These are all projections of deep issues that I don’t tolerate anymore. If that’s where you’re at, that’s where you’re at. Who cares? It’s what happens next that matters. That’s up to you. It’s your responsibility.

Business people can change the world if they can develop the guts and the patience and the trust to move from “How do I sell my junk today?” to, “How much can I give the world today?”

When THAT’S the energy you project, changing the world doesn’t take all that long.


Jason Leister

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