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How to make yourself look like a genius

From our guest blogger Jason Leister

October 31, 2018
Mountains of Arizona
Clear 60 Degrees
3:41 p.m.

If you want to generate more money, why not ask for it?

Are you waiting for the world to offer to hand it to you?

How long should you wait?

Why not simply walk out into reality and begin to make it clear what you intend to create for yourself?

Yes, think about yourself. No one else wants the job.

The system tells us this is self-centered. This is the very same system that has made a habit of telling people they shouldn’t be how they are. The same system that makes a business out of telling you you’re not enough, then selling you back everything you already have.

Some of these things you’re “missing” require money, some require time, some you pay for in fear, some you pay for with your inherent freedoms, some require following a made up set of rules someone else made for you that other people you don’t know (and never met) wrote down and said were the truth.

So what’s beyond that charade?

What’s beyond that is who and what you actually are.

You should get to know that being if you haven’t already.

So what’s a simple way to begin to shift the structure of your material reality?

Develop a new way of seeing.

For example, the quickest way to raise your fees is to start practicing looking at yourself using the eyes of your prospective clients and customers.

From that perspective, you look like a genius.


Because you are one.

How much should a genius charge?

They should charge a lot. If that’s what they want to do.

They could also charge nothing. If that’s what they want to do.

There’s a common thread here.

The thread is “WHAT YOU WANT.”

The system tells you to keep that to yourself. That no one will want to hear it. That it is, in fact, shameful and arrogant to share it.

The system was created for death. It kills. It kills silently from the inside out.

The funny part is that the system is already dead. All of it. It actually needs your life force to continue.

Only you are alive. Only you create. Only you have the magic to transform intention into reality.


Jason Leister
Incomparable Expert

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