Different styles of leadership. Which one is right for me?

When you want to improve your leadership skills, you might want to adopt a specific style of leadership. However, of the different styles, which one would suit your character and your organization the best? Keep reading to know more about this:

1. Autocratic Leadership

This is a dictator-style of leadership where you take the final decision without consulting with your team. This is not a very effective style of leadership, as the employees don’t feel valued when they aren’t consulted. However, you may use when you are working on a project with strict deadlines, so that no time is lost in brainstorming.

2. Democratic Leadership

This is the most successful form of leadership style because you involve your subordinates as well while making a decision. You still take the final call, but you value their opinions and provide fair treatment to all of them. This leadership style works at all times, so it is best for you to adapt to this kind of approach.

3. Strategic Leadership

Here, a strategic leader, who is not necessarily the head of the organization, takes important decisions to form a high-performing team, while the current operations remain the same. It might work in certain cases, but in most other cases, strategic leadership style is not welcomed by all. This is because there is a lot of bias in the process and the people who are close to the strategic leader get to be part of the core strategic team. This style doesn’t mete out a fair treatment to everybody.

4. Transformational Leadership

This style of leadership is where a leader constantly brings changes in the organization and puts tough challenges in the way of his team. Here, people have to go beyond their call of duty to perform well. While it may work well for start-ups, this style may create insecurity among people who are not quick to adapt to challenging situations.

5. Laissez Faire Leadership

Laissez-faire, in Latin, means “let them do.” In this style, you allow your team to do their tasks without interfering too much or without asking any questions. You give full authority to your team to carry out their duties. You can follow this style only when you have a team of experienced and expert workers. You cannot resort to this leadership style when you have freshers or trainees in your team, as it would be wrong to pressurize them with authority.

6. Transactional Leadership

Here, you will clarify the goals and tasks to your team with the submission deadlines. When the members obey your instructions and complete the work on time, you reward them well. Transactional leadership works well in sales & marketing teams, where people are given rewards in cash and kind when they meet the target within the stipulated time.

7. Bureaucratic Leadership

The bureaucratic leadership style is nothing but autocratic leadership styles with a twist. Here, the leader listens to the ideas of his team members, but he will reject it up front if it is not in line with his or the company’s policy. This style of leadership is not very effective because team members don’t feel free to voice out their opinions to their boss.


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