Effective Communication Strategies

effective communication strategies
effective communicattion strategies

Effective Communication Strategies

In the 21st Century

The history of the four personality types, a.k.a. the four temperaments starts with Hippocrates 24 hundred years ago. He described the four personalities by naming them black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood.

So what do these fluids have to do with personality types?

Hippocrates distinguished these fluids as representing a person’s health. Black bile = Melancholy, Yellow bile = Choleric, Phlegm = Phlegmatic and Blood = Sanguine. Melancholy, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Sanguine are the four  Personality types of this day and age.

Melancholy means that you’re very analytic. Choleric means that you want always to be in charge. Phlegmatic means that you are a nurturer. Sanguine means you just want to have fun. This book will go into greater details about the four personality types.

Each personality has it’s own strengths and failings. Each one of us is a combination of all the four personalities, but we all have a dominant personality type and a less dominant personality type.

Effective Communication Strategies In The 21st Century

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