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How To Grow Your Business In A Slow Economy

With the economy affecting businesses, as it is at present, small to medium sized firms need to continually innovate and identify ways of improving customer numbers, strengthen customer retention, build on customer loyalty and brand awareness and of course… bottom line profits.

It’s no good repeating the buzzwords like “austerity”, “cuts” etc., as an excuse for poor business performance… Unless one is able to make sweeping political changes, we all need to find ways of not just surviving but thriving and with confidence.

We need to keep an open mind and look for ways we can build on our brand, build on our customers by not only increasing numbers but afford our existing customers more reason to continue doing business with us, love what we do and recommend us without hesitation.


What do pretty much all our customers have at their finger tips 24/7? It’s their mobile device. They carry their devices wherever they go and seem to spend more and more time looking at them, communicating, emailing & texting! It is in fact an advertising powerhouse… and it is right under their noses!

So, what if you could get your business and very importantly your brand, literally, on to customer’s devices, enabling them to keep up with your business, offers, news, messages, loyalty programmes, discount incentive vouchers etc., giving them plenty of reasons to come back and spend money with you?… You simply encourage those customers to download your free mobile app and make every bit of use of it.


Once your business app is on their device they have immediate access to everything you want them to know about you. All your business information, services, products, links to your web site. They can call you, email you, interact with you on social media, make appointments and bookings. You can update the app at any time with new information and offers… And… You can send push messages to alert them… and send updates of your latest news etc.

So now you will be building a rapport with your customers, seeing more of them and increasing sales. Happy customers! Happy days!


We all know what happy customers like to do… They tell their friends and recommend you!

So what if you could give your customers a really simple way of telling their friends about how good you are and giving them an incentive to do so at the same time? Moreover, give their friends an incentive to come along a see what you can do for them. A lot of promotional apps have an “app share” facility but what if the app sharing idea took it a stage further and offered the new user a discount voucher and also your kind and happy customer a voucher too? How many of your customers would share and bring you more customers?

If 30 of your customers shared with 5 friends each, that’s a possible 150 new app users who are potential new customers! You do the maths… The possibilities are quite staggering.

Add all this together with an electronic loyalty scheme, whereby customers can gain points for purchases and redeem for prizes or vouchers etc., you not only gain more customers but you get to keep them as well!


So back to the fundamental task of building your business in slow and uncertain times…

We all need to address the following:

  • We need to make our brand noticeable, memorable and keep it out there and ahead of the competition
  • Retain our existing customers and build on their experience
  • Increase their spend with many good reasons to do so
  • Get referrals and give the new customers a reason to use us rather than our competitors

A mobile app will, if used as a marketing tool, give you the edge over your competitors and encourage customer loyalty, thus creating “raving fans” of your brand and products.

Even in the times of depressing news, shaky economies, awful politics and rising prices, we need to shine out and make a statement to customers who want the best value and more!


A lot of businesses still don’t have a mobile app, why? Probably some of the high costing ones put them off. Perhaps people are unaware as to what they can actually do for them and their business. Maybe it all looks too technical and frightens people? Perhaps they haven’t yet found an economical and affordable app yet. I remember speaking with customers years ago about having a web site… The amount of people who told me to get lost because this internet thing was too complex, too expensive and a waste of time!

Oh how times change and costs have come way down!


Having a mobile app designed and made for your business is much easier than getting a web site together. It is so simple but does so much for your business.

I provide apps for businesses. I do all the hard work and present you with an affordable, fully branded, working, effective mobile app, with it’s own admin log-in, for Android and Apple… for pretty much the cost of a mobile phone contract!

Have a look at my web page and drop me a line. I will be pleased to have a chat and give you a totally free proposal. I will even give you an introductory discount voucher!

Happy days!

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mobile apps

Why Have A Mobile App?


I would like to discuss the use of mobile apps in promoting business and why you should really consider having a mobile app designed and built as part of your own mobile marketing strategy. You are probably thinking right now… what is Graham on about? Is it just another sales pitch? Well… to be honest… yes, in a way it is but I only say this because I am in a good position to help you in your marketing quests.

If you are under the impression that mobile apps are for big business users only, you could find yourself very much mistaken in this thinking! Increasingly small to medium sized businesses are taking advantage of what a mobile marketing strategy has to offer. An effective strategy one is more than just having a “responsive” web site.

You will be seeing even small high street businesses

affordable apps

Affordable Mobile Apps? How?

How did Charlie get an affordable mobile app for his business?

Charlie runs a business… let’s say Charlie runs a Pub. He is the owner and the Landlord. Charlie is innovative and is always looking to find new ways to promote his business to new and regular customers.

Charlie is careful with his money and is always finding the most cost effective ways of marketing, rather than lavishly spend on big ads and free pens etc!

The Finest Advertising Tool

So… Charlie thought about it for a while and realised that pretty much all his Customers and potential Customers are all Smartphone owners, in one way or another. He also realised that the Smartphone or “mobile device” is probably one of the finest advertising tools there are. Everyone stares at them endlessly, answering texts, responding to every ping and sound effect, they like to play with games, emails, internet and so on.

Low Cost Solution

Charlie began looking around to see what was out there and came to the conclusion that a mobile app would be the best answer to this, as once an app has been placed on the device, it is there for a long time. If it’s useful and engaging to the smartphone owner and they look at it regularly… all the better.

Charlie found that a lot of Apps cost huge amounts of of money and he really could not afford it at all, some were commanding thousands of pounds!

One evening, in the pub, a customer got chatting and said that he had been in touch with a local Web Design company and discovered that they had a really affordable solution to help businesses. Charlie was now intrigued. The customer went on to say that he had one made for his Gent’s Hairdresser shop in town and it was encouraging customers to return time and time again.

The Solution!

Rather than have an app built from scratch, this web design firm can create a fully branded app for smartphones and devices using pre-defined software and populate it with all your business info and details! They make them for Android and Apple. Each app is very affordable, just £390.00. Available on Google Play and Apple Store for as long as you need, just by paying a nominal monthly fee.

You also get a “back office” control panel to run the app: Push messaging, vouchers, loyalty programmes, booking facilities, sharing incentives and much more besides.

Charlie was now very keen to find out. So the next day he contacted the firm and had them go through all the details with him. He decided that having this created for his business would be ideal and within a a month he was able to boast to his customers about it, getting them to download it and even share with their friends. His customer base grew and grew.

Charlie is happy. Charlie is making good money.

Be Like Charlie

Be like Charlie. Get an affordable mobile app today.



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