20 productivity boosting methods
20 productivity boosting methods

20 Productivity Boosting Methods For The Positive Mind

Increase your effectiveness and save hours everyday!

“Heuristics” are conventions specified to help you solve problems. When a issue is large or complex, and the optimal solution is unclear, employing a heuristic lets you start making progress towards a resolution even though you can’t envision the entire path from your beginning point.

Heuristics have a lot of practical applications, and among my favorite areas of application is personal productivity. Productivity heuristics are behavioral rules (a few general, some situation-specific) that may help us get matters done more efficiently…

From each chapter you will learn:

  • The most effective way to click a task is to get rid of it
  • Without a clear focus, it’s too easy to buckle under to distractions.
  • To shoot down procrastination… learn to undertake your most obnoxious task first thing in the morning rather than detaining it till later in the day.
  • Identify your apex cycles of productiveness, and schedule your most crucial jobs for those times.


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